• Italian Baroque
    Italian Baroque (or Barocco) is a stylistic period in Italian history and art that spanned from the late 16th century […]
  • Louis Philippe style
    The style of architecture and design under King Louis Philippe I (1830-1848) was a more eclectic development of French […]
  • Yeseria
    Yeseria is a technique of carving plaster used by the Spanish Moors like also by the post-Reconsquista’s Mudéjar […]
  • Aesthetics of music
    In the pre-modern tradition, the aesthetics of music or musical aesthetics explored the mathematical and cosmological […]
  • Armenian literature
    Armenian literature is Christian-oriental literature, and thus formed a national and historical link of high […]
  • Late baroque music
    The baroque in European music historical significance was a period from about 1600 to around 1750. From early on, the […]
  • Semiconductor materials
    Semiconductor materials are nominally small band gap insulators. The defining property of a semiconductor material is […]
  • Screentone
    Screentone is a technique for applying textures and shades to drawings, used as an alternative to hatching. In the […]
  • Group creativity
    For project management purposes, group creativity techniques are creativity techniques used by a team in the course of […]