Electronic art

Electronic art is a form of art that makes use of electronic media More broadly, it refers to technology and/or electronic media It is related to information art, new media art, video art, digital art, interactive art, internet art, and electronic music It is considered an outgrowth of conceptual art and systems art

The term electronic art is almost synonymous to computer art and digital art The latter two terms, and especially the term computer-generated art are mostly used for visual artworks generated by computers However, electronic art has a much broader connotation, referring to artworks that include any type of electronic component, such as works in music, dance, architecture and performance It is an interdisciplinary field and so artists often collaborate with scientists and engineers when creating their works The art historian of experimental new media art Edward A Shanken, is documenting current and past experimental art with a focus on the fusing of art, science, and technology Along with virtual historians Frank Popper and Dominique Moulon in France

Felipe Cardeña

Felipe Cardeña was born in Balaguer (Spain) in 1979. A street mime well as an artist, he lived as an ...
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Walter Dorwin Teague

Walter Dorwin Teague (December 18, 1883 – December 5, 1960) was an American industrial designer, architect, illustrator, graphic designer, writer, ...
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Heri Dono

Heri Dono (Born Jul 12, 1960) is an Indonesian visual artist as artist painter, sculptor, and installation artist. Dono was ...
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Byoung Choon Park

Byoung-Choon Park (Bron 1966, Chungcheongbuk-do, Young-dong) Korean Painter. Park Byung Choon refers to the theme focused on the modernization of ...
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Henry Chalfant

Henry Chalfant (Jan 2, 1940) is an American photographer and videographer most notable for his work on graffiti, breakdance, and ...
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Mary Ann Toots Zynsky

Toots Zynsky’s distinctive heat-formed filet de verre (glass thread) vessels enjoy a widespread popularity and deserved acclaim for their often ...
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Electronic art is often, but not always, interactive Artists make use of technologies like the Internet, computer networks, robotics, wearable technology, digital painting, wireless technology and immersive virtual reality As the technologies used to deliver works of electronic art become obsolete, electronic art faces serious issues around the challenge to preserve artwork beyond the time of its contemporary production Currently, research projects are underway to improve the preservation and documentation of the fragile electronic arts heritage