Compulsory wedding by Mikayil Abdullayev

In the work of art the composition is consist of three parts, the wedding party of Layla and Ibn Salam has been depicted. In lower left part, Ibn Salam with white aba sitting in tent and sunk in thoughts, in the right side next to him crying Layla in red dress has been depicted who has turned her face from him. In the center of the painting guests surrounding the golden coloured wedding tent and in the upper part camel caravan going in the darkness have been painted.

The composition full of dramatic effects is in a dark purple frame. Dark blue, red, yellow and green colours have been used.

Compulsory wedding
Abdullayev Mikayil Huseyn oglu 1972
From the collection of
Azerbaijan National Art Museum
Title: Compulsory wedding
Creator: Abdullayev Mikayil Huseyn oglu (1921-2002)
Date: 1972/1972
Location: Azerbaijan
Medium: Graphic work/ Paper, silk, tempera

Mikayil Huseyn oglu Abdullayev
Dec 19, 1921 – Aug 22, 2002

Mikayil Huseyn oglu Abdullayev was an Azerbaijani painter, a People’s Painter of the former USSR since 1963, and creator of a series of paintings entitled Through India.

Mikail Abdullayev internal alarm for creativity, the psychology of images characteristic of poetic generalization. His works are attractive with a wealth of color. These features its “Mingechevir Lights”, “Khachmaz girls”, “Astara tea harvesting”, “the desert” triptixində, “Rice planting girls” more clearly visible in his work. National traditions and the people who live in rural areas labor, welfare, moral shades of typical organic way of giving modernity in union activity Mikail Abdullayev unique feature. “Forty to one June”, especially in the central part of triptixinin attract attention. In 1941, 45 of rural laborers, heavy, anxious lively narrative works that reflect their lives. “Barley cultivator girl” woman of the twentieth century reflects the rich cultural features bright colors. The artist’s favorite subject. The image of the modern woman is reflected in a number of work tables. “Karabakh girls”, “Lankaran farmer woman”, “Abseron women”, “Youth of the mother as” works of this kind. People’s poet Samad Vurgun, a hundred-year-old naxıscı master Babayev, a poet and thinker Nizami and other portraits galleries, Absheron landscapes, Still life, Afghanistan and other countries testifies to the wide range of creative works Mikail Abdullayev.

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Mikail Abdullayev was born in Baku on 19 December 1921. Azimzade in 1939, the Art School and in 1949 graduated from Moscow State Art School named after Surikov, S. Gerasimov learned the intricacies of the art of painting workshop.

Abdullayev was an alumnus of the Azimzadeh Azerbaijan Painting School and the Surikov Moscow State Painting Institute. During his trips to India, Afghanistan, Hungary, Poland, Italy and other countries from 1956 through 71, Abdullayev painted Bengali Girls, Rajasthani Women, An Old Afghan, as well as portraits of Zsigmond Kisfaludi Stróbl, Renato Guttuso, Giacomo Manzù among others. Among portraits of Azerbaijani people, there are those of Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Samad Vurgun, Mirza Fatali Akhundov and Farhad Badalbeyli. Abdullayev’s paintings were exhibited in cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Montreal, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia, Warsaw, Delhi, Cairo, Brussels. Abdullayev was also the designer of artistic panel in the Nizami Station of Baku Metro.

His works are kept in museums of the world. Its Delhi, London, Montreal, held solo exhibitions in Moscow and other cities of the world. On several occasions, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (5-9 call) was elected deputy. He was awarded the Order of Lenin and the October Revolution. The Tolga family is the main collector of the 532 Abdullayev paintings in Turkey.