Jacob Adam

Jacob Adam (Oct 9, 1748 – 1811) was an Austrian copper etcher. Adam worked mainly for printing offices, but is best known for his small format portraits of which he created more than 100. He was born and died in Vienna.

Adam created miniature portrait etchings of famous people of his day, including Charles-Joseph, 7th Prince of Ligne and the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II; the latter etching is kept in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Jacob Adam: Charles Joseph de Ligne, copper engraving 1785
Jacob Adam has engraved for printed works, but also for medallions. His style is described as “very delicate and miniature with dotted meat parts”. In total, he struck 110 works, in a further three his work was not completed.

Diploma of the Freimaurer of Prague
Formations of the common people at Vienna (1780) 84 Leaves with costume figures
Naturalist Ignaz von Born (1782)
Charles Prince de Ligne (1785)
Joseph II as emperor (1788)
Joseph Anton, Archduke (1796)