Jean Dieu de Saint-Jean

Jean Dieu de Saint-Jean (1654 – 1695) was a French painter, He is the son of a painter named John God (1625-after 1638). He may have been approved by the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture but was never received.

On February 20, 1683, he married Catherine Danin, daughter of a master Parisian gold refiner.

If his work is still very little known, the Mercure galant repeatedly mentions it as an important artist, famous for his portraits as well as for the prints taken from his paintings and drawings. These represent gallant scenes, court members and fashionable dressed characters. These horsemen, men and ladies of quality, influence all the engraving of Parisian fashion, from the Bonnart brothers to Antoine Trouvain through Jean Mariette.

 ‘Woman of Quality in Grisette’ 1683
 ‘The Knight of Malthe Francois’ 1678-1693
 ‘Woman of Quality at Thuilleries’ 1686
 ‘Woman of Quality in Scarf’ 1683
 ‘Man of Quality in Above’ 1684
 ‘Lady in the Morning Deshabille’ 1683
 ‘Woman of Quality in Striped Detail Siamese’ 1687
 ‘Paisanne of the Surroundings of Paris’ 1678-1693
 ‘Paisant of the Surroundings of Paris’ 1678-1693