John Dalby

John Dalby (1810–1865) was a 19th-century painter of horses and hunting scenes. He lived in York and signed his paintings “Dalby York” so that he is sometimes known as Dalby of York. Other members of his family painted too, such as his father, David Dalby, who painted landscapes.

The animal painting is a genre that is popular in the late-Middle Ages. The hunt is since antiquity the preferred pastime of the nobility and clergy. They build hunting lodges that are adorned with wall paintings and tapestries dedicated to the iconography of the hunt. In the 19th Century, the genre is outdated, but slowly it comes back to life. Animal paintings and hunting scenes win back their popularity.

John Dalby tradition of a blend of figurative and abstract art continues to feature to the drawn or painted image, abstract or figurative, objective or invented on a plant surface. The animal battle, the bird painting and the satirical bird concert are a few of a series of subcategories from animal paintings in demand.

From the animal painting, John Dalby makes a dynamic and dramatic hunting scene, in which animals with great demonstrations of power are hunted. Painting living animals requires a specialist’s knowledge. John Dalby paints thrilling scenes that are often filled with aristocratic hunting, rearing horses and Hunting fox or even exotic animals.

A Black Hunter Tethered to a Post with Two Spaniels c.1840–c.1850
Two Horses with Dogs, Outside a Stable 1855
The End of the Day 1849
Three Foxhounds in a Landscape 1846
A Racehorse with Jockey Up, on a Racecourse 1850
Racing at Hoylake 1851
Two Foxhounds in a Landscape 1846
The Lane: Members of a Hunt Jumping the Fences by a Lane 1849
Jumping the Brook 1849
Foxhound in a Landscape 1846
Gentleman on a Grey Horse Taking a Fence c.1840–c.1850
A Steeplechase 1853
Going Out: Huntsmen with Hounds Passing through a Gate c.1840–c.1855
Gentleman on a Chestnut Horse Taking a Fence c.1840–c.1850
Mare and Foal in a Landscape c.1840–c.1855
‘Duke of Northumberland’ (A Bull) 1839
A White Horse with Dappled Legs Standing in a Stable 1849
Gentleman on a Black Horse Taking a Fence c.1840–c.1850
Foxhound in a Landscape 1846