Lambert Doomer

Lambert Doomer (christened Amsterdam, February 11, 1624 – July 2, 1700) was a Dutch painter and artist of German origin belonging to the Dutch School.

Doomer was the third child of a total of nine children of the German Anrath-born furniture maker Herman Doomer and his wife Baertje Martens. His father specialized in the processing of ebbenhout and was supplier of lists to Rembrandt van Rijn. About 1640, Lambert Doomer completed a training as a furniture maker with his father, but became a student of Rembrandt in 1640 and worked for a while at his studio. In that capacity, he could possibly participate in The Night Watch.

Doomer then undertook a number of foreign trips. In 1646 he traveled to Nantes with painter Willem Schellinks, but at Rouen they got arguments, after which everybody went his own way. Later that year, Doomer traveled to England, where he made the first known pictures of the island of Wight. From 1663 to 1664 he made a trip along the Rhine, to Switzerland, where he also visited his father’s birthplace, Anrath.

Besides painting, Doomer also collected art. Thus, in 1657/1658, he acquired an extensive number of drawings and sketchbooks on auction in response to the bankruptcy of his former teacher Rembrandt. On August 24, 1668 he married Metje Harmens, with whom he lived in Alkmaar from 1669 to 1695. Between 1671 and 1673 he made numerous drawings, of which about 300 were preserved. These drawings form one fourth of his total oeuvre. His last years until his death in 1700 took place in Amsterdam.

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Hostel near Nantes, oil on wood, 28 × 40,5 cm, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum.
The Bridge of the Treilles on the Maine in Angers, seen from upstream, oil on wood, 83 × 60 cm, Paris, Louvre Museum.
Nantes on the rocks of the Hermitage, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The Regents of the orphanage, Alkmaar, Town Hall.
Portrait of François Wijnants and Alida Essingle, in Elquanah and Anne coming to receive the blessing of Eli, Orleans, Museum of Fine Arts.