Arturs Baumanis

Arthur Baumanis (Jan 4, 1867 – Aug 6, 1904) is a Latvian painter, graphic artist, son of the first academically educated Latvian architect Jan Friedrich Baumanis. He was one of the first creators of the historical genre in Latvian painting. Member of the artistic association “Rukis”. Works for the first time are on display in 1889.

Artūrs Baumanis was born on 4 January 1867 Latvian architect Jāņa Frīdriha Baumann family. He studied painting by John Rose and Edward Stanislav Ricon, drew its characters (“Ormanis”, “Forest thief”). 1885-1892nd , he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where specialized in historical painting. During this time, he created a well-known paintings of Latvian history (“Destiny Horse”, “Liv soldier”, “Fyke burnt dead”). Artists’ circle ‘Dwarf’ companion, was first exhibited his works in 1889.

After his father’s death in 1892 he left the studio and became an alcoholic and vagabond. He suffered from tuberculosis and died prematurely in 1904. On 6 August.