Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz (Jan 23, 1938) iis a German painter. Baselitz’s style is interpreted by the Northern American critics as Neo-Expressionist, but from a European perspective, it is more seen as postmodern.

Baselitz was born 23 January 1938, as Hans-Georg Kern in Deutschbaselitz (now a part of Kamenz, Saxony), in Germany. His father was an elementary-school teacher and the family lived in the local schoolhouse.

In 1958, as a student in West Berlin Baselitz met his future wife, Elke Kretzschmar. He married Kretzschmar in 1962 and they had a son named Daniel. In 1966, his second son, Anton, was born, and the family moved to Osthofen, near Worms, and later on elsewhere in Germany and Italy.

In 1961, he adopted the name Georg Baselitz in a tribute to his home town.

Since 2013, Baselitz and his wife live in Salzburg in Austria and obtained Austrian citizenship in 2015.