Geraldo de Barros

Geraldo de Barros (Bron in 1998) was a multifaceted Brazilian artist, fundamentally known for his work as a photographer and painter, although he also worked in industrial design and had a special taste for engraving.

Geraldo de Barros began his career dedicating himself to the painting of figure and landscapes, but became known when establishing ties with the experimental art. He was one of the pioneers of abstract photography and modernism in Brazil, besides being considered one of the most important artists of the Brazilian concretist movement. The images of Geraldo de Barros are formed from the deconstruction, where the ephemeral, the fragment, the time, the discontinuous, and the action are present. From the reordering of elements, the artist creates a new composition. In his works, social and urban issues are always present, as well as the concern about the relationship between art and society.

He was a founder and member of major and important artistic movements and associations such as Group 15, Galeria Rex, Grupo Ruptura, the group FormInform, the furniture production cooperative Unilabor, and the Hobjeto furniture industry.

Coherent in its trajectory, its works are connected to the historical, political and artistic context of the period in which they were developed. It went from geometry to pop art, returning to geometry, but always linked to industrial design and photography. When you get in touch with the photograph you fall in love, your gaze sharpens, it creates interference, recreates the image. Suffering influences from the constructivist movement and concrete art, it changes its vision of reality representation and applies new rules. Her photoforms represent a new era in the photography process in Brazil, giving her new possibilities, where she leaves the field of mere representation and is now considered a new artistic language. Explore as much as possible all the possibilities of handling the negative. The photograph allowed him the possibility of error, and for Geraldo it was important to err.

Geraldo abandoned photography for a few years and devoted himself to other arts and design. In 1996, after suffering several brain ischemia and with his motor functions totally debilitated, he resumes his photographic process and with the help of his assistant, the photographer Ana Moraes, realizes his last production: Sobras.