Henry Bernard Chalon

Henry Bernard Chalon (1770 – 1849) was an English painter and lithographer.

Son of the Dutch émigré and engraver Jan Chalon (1749–95), Henry studied at the Royal Academy Schools and then started specializing in sporting and animal painting.

At the age of 25, Henry was appointed Animal Painter to the Duchess of York. Later in his career Henry Bernard Chalon extended his royal serving to paint for both Prince Regent and King William IV.

In 1795 and later to both the Prince Regent and King William IV. Royal patronage also led to work for many other social prominent sporting enthusiasts but, despite exhibiting frequently at the Royal Academy, he never became a member of it. This may be because of a conservative trend in painting at this time, which favoured George Stubbs’s measured style, which Chalon forever tried to imitate. He also drew lithographs for Philipp Andre’s “Specimens of Polyautography” in 1804.

His one child, a daughter, was the miniaturist Maria A Chalon (Mrs Henry Moseley, c. 1800–67).

19th Century Horse Painting Henry Chalon | Naive Painting of Horse and Guard
Naive Animal Painting
Jumping A Fence, With A Huntsman, In The Groundsof Spye Park, Wiltshire – 1815 An officer of the First Guard on horseback in a wooded landscape
Portrait Of His Majesty’s State Coach Horses – 1799