Johann August Corvinus

Johann August Corvinus (1683 in Leipzig -1738 in Augsburg) was a copper engraver in Augsburg.

Johann August Corvinus has been involved in work from Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design. Born in Leipzig, 1683. Died in Augsberg, 1738. Painter and engraver who engraved images of city monuments

He was the teacher of Salomon Kleiner. The works of Corvinus were chiefly edited by the Augsburger Kunstverleger Jeremias Wolff, e. Decorative siege scenes from the Spanish succession of successions in the Paul Siecker d.Ä. Published work Repraesentation belli, whether successionem in Regno Hispanico.

Johann August Corvinus has collaborated with Johann Jakob Schübler and Jeremias Wolff.

Works by Johann August Corvinus have made their way in to the museum with the help of Paul McCarron and Susan Schulman, Fine Prints and Drawings.