Yamamoto Baiitsu

Yamamoto Umeso (1783-1856) is a South painter in Nagoya in the late Edo period. Nakabayashi Take-dong and others, after which I went out to Kyoto and studied painting. I was good at brilliant coloring flower and bird painting, but this work is one of them. The flowers of the four seasons blooming in colorfully, insects such as butterflies and dragonflies fluttering or spreading feathers and drawing the color of the illusion world abundantly.

He was born in Nagoya, son of the sculptor Yamamoto Yumigiemon. His father was in the service of the court of the Tokugawa lords of the Owari Domain.

He was close friends with the painter Nakabayashi Chikuto (1776-1853).

Two of his paintings have been designated as important cultural property.

Yamamoto Baiitsu, de son vrai nom: Yamamoto Shinryo, noms de pinceau : Baiitsu, Shun-En, Tendô-Gaishi, Gyokuren, Baika, Yûchikusôkyo, né à Nagoya. XVIIIᵉ ‑ XIXᵉ siècles. Japonais. Peintre d’oiseaux, paysages, fleurs. Dessinateur.