Korea Database Agency Seoul, South Korea

Korea Data Industry Association, aims at securing the competitiveness of the domestic data industry and expanding the market by protecting and revitalizing the interests of the data industry through mutual exchange between private, public and academia (Article 2 of the Articles of Incorporation).

The Korea Database Agency is committed to helping upgrade the database industry and contributing to an advanced knowledge-based country. Since its establishment in 1993 when information technology was beginning to burgeon, the Korea Database Agency (KoDB) has playing a pivotal role in promoting Korea’s database industry.

Major duties (Article 4 of the Articles of Incorporation)
All business for the protection and mutual exchange of rights of data industry workers
Research on data industry related market research, market expansion strategy, technology, law, policy, etc.
Supporting industry-university linkage for fostering data industry
Holding training and seminars related to data industry, manpower training programs, etc.
Data industry related promotions and advertising
Development of policies related to data industry and proposal of the government
Others Business required to achieve the purpose of this meeting

Contact person: Korea Data Industry Council Secretariat Korea Data Institute Policy Planning Office Kim Choong-Rong
Phone: 02-3708-5367
Fax: 02-318-5040 ~ 1
E-mail: chorong@kdata.or.kr