Heritage Victoria, East Melbourne, Australia

Heritage Victoria is a Victorian State Government agency responsible for administering the Heritage Act 1995 and supporting the work of the Heritage Council of Victoria. Heritage Victoria is the Victorian State Government’s principal cultural (non-Indigenous) heritage agency. Heritage Victoria identifies, protects and interprets Victoria’s most significant cultural heritage resources.

Heritage Victoria manages a large collection of archaeological artefacts from both land and maritime excavations. This is a unique and significant collection. The collection is available for research, viewable online through the Victorian Archaeological Artefact Database, or by appointment. In addition, artefacts are available for loan to organisations for exhibitions, research, or educational projects.

Heritage Victoria supports and works with the Heritage Council of Victoria which is an independent statutory authority and Victoria’s main decision-making body on (non-Indigenous) cultural heritage issues.

Heritage Victoria show respect for our cultural heritage by retaining and managing places that have importance to us as a community. We conserve and enhance places of aesthetic, archaeological, architectural, cultural, scientific or social significance, or otherwise of special cultural value.

Heritage Victoria also maintains the Victorian Heritage Register, and Victorian Heritage Inventory of historical archaeological sites, manages historic shipwrecks and relics. It recommends places on the Heritage Register, administers a permit system for registered places, provides funding for conservation and education.

Heritage places and objects in Victoria are of state or local significance. A heritage place include an area of land covered by water, building, archaeological site, tree, garden, geological formation, fossil site or other place of natural or cultural significance and its associated land. All municipalities contain important heritage places.

Heritage objects can include furniture, shipwrecks, artifacts, archaeological artefacts, equipment, transport vehicles and everyday articles that contribute to an understanding of Victoria’s history.Heritage places and objects in Victoria are of state or local significance.

Heritage Victoria identify, protect and interpret Victoria’s most significant cultural heritage resources.

administer the Heritage Act 2017
maintain the Victorian Heritage Register
recommend places and objects that should be included in the Heritage Register
issue permits to make changes to heritage places and objects
manage historic shipwrecks and artifacts
protect Victoria’s archaeological heritage
help conserve significant objects and collections.

Heritage Victoria was formed from the earlier Historic Buildings Preservation Council, itself It is part of the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure. The Heritage Council is an independent statutory authority, which is also established under the Heritage Act. Heritage Victoria’s main roles are to identify, protect and interpret Victorian cultural heritage resources, particularly those considered to be of State significance. It provides advice on heritage matters to local and State government, industry and the general community.