Positive-Propaganda e.V. is a non-profit art association based in Munich, which is dedicated to establishing contemporary and socio-political art in urban spaces. The association’s members consist of a group of art and culture enthusiasts who share the aim of promoting young art and communicating it on a regional and international level. In doing so, our main concern is to sensitize young people to art and culture with current socio-political subjects such as human rights, environmental protection and cancer prevention. In cooperation with organizations like Amnesty International and other NGOs, free private viewings and exhibitions are taking place at regular intervals in the association’s exhibition space, constantly promoting a dialogue between people from different social spheres. Additionally Positive-Propaganda e.V. organizes large-format artworks with renowned street-art artists in public spaces.

Positive-Propaganda e. V. is a not-for-profit, registered art association based in Munich, dedicated to street art movement and the associated mediation of societal issues in the public space through contemporary art.