Regional Museum of History, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Regional Museum of History, Plovdiv was established in 1951 as a research and cultural organization for investigation, study, preservation and display of cultural assets from the past of the city of Plovdiv and its region in the period XV-XX century. The Museum holdings keep more than 60,000 exhibits, amongst them unique collections of cold steel and firearms, orders and medals, armament, personal belongings, printed publications, apparel and items from town’s everyday life, photos and documents. Regional Museum of History, Plovdiv manages four expositions: „The Bulgarian National Revival”, „Book Publishing in Bulgaria in the second half of XIX and the beginning of XX century”, „The Unification of Bulgaria of 1885” and Museum Centre of Modern History.

The Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum (Bulgarian: Регионален исторически музей Пловдив, Regionalen istoricheski muzey Plovdiv) is a historical museum in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Established in 1951, it covers the history of Plovdiv from the 15th century until today (the older history is presented in the Plovdiv Archaeological Museum). It has three departments, each occupying a separate historic building.