Rekhta Foundation Noida, India

Rekhta Foundation launched the website in 2013, which has since organically grown to become the largest online repository of Urdu poetry in the world. The website displays works of over 2,100 well-known and lesser known poets from the 13th century to the present day and showcases over 25,000 Nazms and Ghazals in Persian, Devanagari and Roman scripts. It features a comprehensive dictionary with meaning of Urdu words at-a-click to facilitate reading of texts. Also, maintaining an ever-growing library of over 20,000 E-Books, over 4,500 audios and over 4,600 videos, the website features poets reciting their works and experts rendering them with remarkable competence.

Rekhta is a form of Urdu feminist poetry. A genre developed by male poets, it uses women’s voices to talk about themselves. It was formed in 19th-century Lucknow, then part of the State of Awadh (now in Uttar Pradesh, India). The poet, Saadat Yaar Khan Rangin is credited with its creation.

This poetry, written generally in ghazal form, employs women’s special idioms, mannerism and accents. Their topics include women-women and women-men affairs and also women’s sensual desires and sexual urges.