Ritual Hoe-shaped Crests Hokkaido Ainu

Ritual Hoe-shaped Crests
Hokkaido Ainu 19th century
From the collection of
Tokyo National Museum
This is an old hoe-shaped crest that was used in rituals to cure illness. Because instead of being found hidden in a cave or buried deep underground for future generations, the only examples that exist are similar to this one, which was found by accident in a field.
Title: Ritual Hoe-shaped Crests
Creator: Hokkaido Ainu
Date Created: 19th century
Physical Dimensions: w465 x h455 mm
Object Title: アイヌ鍬形
Object Notes(Japanese): アイヌ語でペラウシトミカムイ<へらをお持ちになる宝の神さま>などといわれる。古い兜の鍬形を模したもので病気をなおす呪具として用いられた。山の洞窟に秘匿されたり、地中深く埋められたりしたため伝世するものはない。本資料も偶然に畑から発掘された。
Object Date: 19世紀
Medium(Japanese): 鉄製
Excavation: 北海道栗山町字桜山出土, Kuriyama, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido
Donor(Japanese): 尾田勝吉氏・泉麟太郎氏寄贈
Donor: Mr. Oda Shokichi and Mr. Izumi Rintaro
Artist Name: 北海道アイヌ
Type: Metalwork
Medium: Iron

Tokyo National Museum
Taitō-ku, Japan

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