Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association Sendai, Japan

Taking advantage of cultural, social, and economic characteristics of Sendai City and Miyagi Prefecture, we Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association invite and support delegates and tourists from home and abroad. We SenTIA also promote tourism-related business through advertisement and expansion of markets for products such as specialties and artifacts, and development of human resources. In so doing, SenTIA aims to contribute to the expansion of the exchange population and the promotion of international tourism as well as the revitalization of the regional economy and the enhancement of culture.

Sendai City Museum displays artifacts related to the Date family and the history of Sendai. Date Masamune’s famous suit of armour and artifacts related to Hasekura Tsunenaga’s visit to Rome (National Treasures of Japan) are sometimes on display.
The Miyagi Museum of Art is Sendai’s largest art museum. A total of 24 sculptures have been installed in public locations in Sendai through its ‘City of Sculptures’ project.

The Tomizawa site museum in the southern part of the city preserves a fossilized forest where the remains of human habitation from 20,000 years ago can be seen.

The Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall is dedicated to remembering the air raid of July 1945 in which most of Sendai was destroyed.