Smithsonian Latino Center (SLC)

The Smithsonian Latino Center was created in 1997 to promote Latino presence within the Smithsonian. The Center is not represented in one physical location; rather, it works collaboratively with the Institution’s museums and research centers, ensuring that the contributions of the Latino community in the arts, history, national culture and scientific achievement are explored, presented, celebrated and preserved. We support scholarly research, exhibitions, public and educational programs, web-based content and virtual platforms, and collections and archives. We also manage leadership and professional development programs for Latino youth, emerging scholars and museum professionals.

Publicly launched October 2014, the $1.5 billion Smithsonian Campaign is the largest in history for a cultural insititution and aims to tell America’s story, spark discovery, inspire lifelong learning and use technologies to reach people everywhere. help us tell the Latino story at the nation’s museum. Through exhibits, public programs, educational outreach, and research, we strive to ensure that Latinos are represented at the Smithsonian.

We are building presence, preserving our culture, and working towards a more permanent presence on the National Mall.