Street Art London, United Kingdom

Street Art London is an organisation that works alongside street and graffiti artists across London and the world. Street Art London’s principal objectives are to facilitate and support links between artists, institutions and the public by organising festivals, public commissions, lectures, and exhibitions.

Street Art London routinely facilitates large scale public murals across London and curates a 128 square metre wall in the heart of Shoreditch, East London by inviting a different international street artist to paint it each month.

Recent projects in include organising two large-scale festivals of international street art in Chichester and Dulwich, hosting iconic Berlin Wall artist Thierry Noir’s first visit to London, staging public lectures at Somerset House and executing public commissions on behalf of The Museum of London.

Founded in 2011 by Richard Howard-Griffin, Street Art London is proud to work with many of the world’s best street artists such as RUN, John Dolan, Thierry Noir, Phlegm, ROA, NUNCA, Pablo Delgado, Liqen and REKA.

We’re closely connected to and involved with the street art scene in London and do much more than just tours. We have close ties to a great number of London’s street artists, regularly work alongside them on projects. We also curate street art exhibitions in London on occasion. Most importantly, we document London’s ephemeral street art every day come rain or shine and showcase this work over on our ‘Street Art London’ site. Through this immersion, our knowledge of the London street art scene is very deep and has been experienced first hand through our relationships with artists, not read in a book. We thought it might be a good idea to share this knowledge with people and show them the best of London’s amazing street art.