The Presidential Culinary Museum Grover, United States

By 2016, we have had 25,000+ visitors! Seen in The Official Museum Directory in partnership with the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and officially listed with the North Carolina Museum Council (NCMC). Featuring artifacts, antiques, and special items sent from the United States National Archives, The Bush Foundations, President Carter, President Reagan, The Eisenhower Foundation, President Ford, Monticello, Montpelier, The Clinton Foundation and private foundations. The Presidential Culinary Museum® is a small portion of the United States Food History Museum™ (USFHM) heralding Presidential Food Service, the slow food movement, major food manufacturers and their brands as well as the famous icons developed in America. Sold worldwide like the Baby Ruth candy bar, Heinz catsup, Coca-Cola, Reeses and so much more. See our shows in Asia, Europe and the America’s on television and stage.

Open five days per week, Wednesday through Sunday. The museum is utilizing our current success of Inside the Presidents’ Cabinet exhibitions and shows.