The State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky Moskva, Russia

The state museum of Mayakovsky has opened in 1937. Now it occupies five floors of the ancient building on Lubyanskaya Square. The basis of the fund is made by archive and personal belongings to the poet either personal funds’ materials of his contemporaries. Museum fund has at about 50 thousand units of storage, including letters, manuscripts, documents, pictorial and graphic works, also rare books and photos.

The entrance to the Museum is performed in the post-modern style. There is taboo truss lying as a border at the memorial building as a symbol of interrupted time in the flow of current life.

This new Museum creates a model of age and world of Mayakovsky, transforms the poetical metaphor into poetical compositions, realizes intellect and fantasy of the author, transforms a visitor from an obedient super into a co-author and participant.