Western Avenue Association Oklahoma City, United States

The Western Avenue Association is a merchant district in the thriving city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, located right in the heart of the country. Home to hundreds of retail, restaurant and service establishments; Western Avenue is a destination district surrounded by some of the most desirable and populated neighborhoods in the city. In 2014 the district commissioned artists to create 5 vibrant murals throughout the district and in 2015 three more murals were added. Over 15 local artists have participated in the project, all of varying mediums and styles. Some of the murals are a collaboration of artists who had never worked together before.

On Western Avenue Acts on the site-specificity of the artistic intervention and of the exhibition, Places with a Past revisits and renews the trend of public art collections in a museum. . We’re home to an eclectic mix of your favorite restaurants, retailers and reliable services. Stroll our sidewalks, enjoy a relaxing meal and stop in at our one-of-a-kind shops. Good finds. Good times. Every time.

Mural is a better way to recall the past then through remembering simple pleasures of the days. With an interest in the communal experience that an artwork can invite, we would like this mural to explore a world of imagination where the public can establish meaning around parallels within reality. Our love of scientific illustrations mixed with the fantastic brought forth this mural design. This mural suggests the biological within an orchestrated scene in an effort to blend beliefs surrounding the study of life and illusion. Through this mural we seek produce something visually striking, colorful, and unique for Oklahoma City. Our ultimate intent is to create a sense of wonder in the viewer as wonder is described as intellectual passion and is often the catalyst for further study.

We’re so thrilled to start our journey this April with such a meaningful partnership with the Boys & Girls Club! The mission of Boys & Girls Club is “to inspire & enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”

We’re all coming and going at different speeds, with differing perspective, on differing paths and this work showcases that. Inspired to show an Oklahoma icon as a spirit guide with a message of change.

Mural is a celebration of nature and diversity. We build all types of things from natural elements in our planet. From the land we harvest resources used in the production of everything from bricks to donut sprinkles. Our resources and biodiversity are many, much like the array of colors in the spectrum of light permeating throughout the universe.

Mural highlights wide array of animals that inhabit the many geographically diverse environments of Oklahoma. The mural visually flows across the wall incorporating colors often associated with nature. The wall will also contain a few reliefed animals to add interest made out of polyuria coated EPS foam. The wall will be painted with an exterior acrylic paint and the animal forms will be painted in vibrant colors. We hope that the mural brings awareness and pride to the people of Oklahoma and becomes one of many wonderful murals in the Western business district.

On Western Avenue spreading local pride & lifting up community partners who spread kindness and foster positivity throughout Oklahoma City. Alluding to the resilience of Oklahomans, No matter the hardships, we always bounce back and treat everyone with kindness, free of embitterment.