Women’s Forum Street Art Project, Paris, France

Founded in 2005, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is the world’s leading platform featuring women’s views and voices on major social and economic issues. Deploying women’s experience and expertise across all generations and geographies, it offers practical discussions on how to overcome barriers and create new horizons and opportunities, as well as broad, rich and edgy debate on important ideas. The Women’s Forum also promotes the advancement of women world-wide via business and social networks.

The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society Meetings highlight remarkable women and men from around the world who are involved in politics, business, civil society and academia. Its annual Global Meeting features novel ideas from advanced and emerging nations in a format that combines plenary and smaller sessions as well as the Discovery Program, a uniquely vibrant content relay of discussions, interactive sessions and practical workshops. The Women’s Forum Regional Meetings echo this footprint in terms of gender and sector representation, with a sharper focus on specific regional issues.

In addition to these essential meetings, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society expresses its commitment to women’s progress throughout the year via a range of Initiatives set up in partnership with corporations, media groups and non-governmental organizations. These long-term initiatives seek to empower women through entrepreneurship and education, by fast-tracking young talent, amplifying women’s voices in the media, promoting adaptive leadership characteristics and showcasing CEOs who champion the empowerment and advancement of women.

Based in Paris, the Women’s Forum is a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe and is supported by corporate partnerships.

The Women’s Forum Street Art Project shows how much we’re missing if we believe street art to be the exclusive province of men. Ten women street artists from around the globe take part and contribute artwork on theme “She’s a Leader”.

All Women have inside themselves a Heroine, It is our opportunity to stand for and represent the contemporary woman: strong, powerful, hard worker, mother, lover and a free individual.” Creativity make us more free. There’s no distinction between sex and races.

Street art has a place for women artists just as it is space that grants voice to artists who do not have the chance (to choose not to) participate in a more exposed art environment, or industry. Since women take up the bottom of every social ladder, the kind of agency that street art provides goes a long way.

Street art detachment form the social hierarchy that “success” in the art world relies on. It is art that is linked to nothing but its place and time. The street artist is not absent as a lack, but rather makes a statement not to be present. More importantly, it is art that that rejects any kind of preservation, which divorces from the process of reproduction.

Cities are made by men for men, and to escape from danger, women put on invisible walls to protect themselves. But those walls can be destroyed if we have strong figures that we could related to. They can give us the freedom to explore places that are not given to us at first.

Art didn’t take into account the gender of the author. In Argentina, half of the painters are woman and they have the same or more promotion than men.

The whole generation of spanish women who raised their children with the ghost of the dictatorship still on their shoulders, but at the same time aiming for a better future. Somewhere between an emancipated woman and an oppressed one.

All the female heroes is the women. We future generations of women street artists will be empowered to make outdoor space a venue where everyone can be heard and respected.